About our Cremation Services

The opportunity to serve the pet owners in the lower South Island is a privilege that we take very seriously.

We undertake the cremation of approximately 1200 animals each year and these range from the smallest of pets, like budgies to ponies and some farm animals.

Pet’s remains (cremains) are returned in white cardboard boxes for those that wish to scatter the ashes in their pet’s favourite play area.
However if owners wish, the cremains can be returned in a selection of keepsakes; ceramic urns, wood caskets, and remembrance jewellery, to view what is available visit our keepsakes page. Urns and caskets each have an identifying button or plaque with appropriate inscription. Individualised urns are a specialty.

Although the majority of our service is related to servicing the veterinary practices in the lower South Island we are happy to attend private clients when required. Some clients prefer to bring their loved pets to us direct.

Owners can be assured of compassionate and dignified attention that helps to ease the distress in their hour of need.

Whether your pet is old or young, has died suddenly or been euthanised the initial acceptance of your pets death can be a traumatic for you and other members of your family.

During this difficult time the owner has an important decision to make regarding the disposal of their much loved pet. The ultimate decision between burial or cremation rests with you the owner.

Please feel free to call us if you require further information or help – Please phone 03 489 2274



We stock a variety of wooden pet caskets that hold the ashes of your pet.


Your beloved pet’s ashes encased in a beautiful hand blown glass sphere.


An exquisitely hand-crafted, beaded heirloom urn to hold your pet’s ashes.


The original biodegradable Scatter Tubes come in a variety of designs.